Monday, January 28, 2013

House for Cat, Japan

As well as the captivating works of architecture, it also proved to be the loving cat. Imagine, a company Sunrise Affairs has prepared to build a special house for the cats live.
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After receiving a positive response from the thousands of pet owners, companies in Japan have designed a house that aims to meet all the needs of domestic cats.

Japanese company Asahi Kasei Construction created a home that includes a balcony, hidden tunnels, and even a litter box that is located next to the toilet.

There is also included a special street cats in the open air, road climb, and angle around the house as a hiding area. In addition, there are cat doors in every door and special fences to prevent cats escape.

Called Plus-Nyan house itself is also constructed of materials that antigoresan and easy to clean. Boy, are you willing to build a special house for your pet cat? (Thesideshow / Pritchard Daneswari/OL-9)